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How to buy a cremation urn for ash in Seattle

Where can i buy an urn for ashes in Seattle?

If you have been searching online for a place to purchase a cremation urn, you’ve likely come across many options.

Our aim is to help you navigate through these choices so that you can find the most suitable one for your needs, It’s common for people to assume that the only way to buy an urn for ashes is through a funeral home.

However, the reality is that you can buy urns from any platform that works for you and bring it to the funeral home or crematorium.
In fact, the Funeral Industry Practices Rules state that funeral providers cannot refuse or charge a fee to handle a casket or urn that was purchased elsewhere. The Funeral Rule protects your right to choose the goods and services you want, as well as who you want to buy them from.

How do i buy a cremation urn in Seattle?

There are 2 main options:

Option 1: Funeral Home

One option is to buy a cremation urn directly from the funeral home where you are conducting the funeral.


Option 2: Buy Online

Thanks to specific rules put in place by the FTC, funeral homes cannot require that you purchase an urn from them. As a result, you are free to buy an urn online from sites like Amazon. Shopping online can offer a greater variety of styles and colors, which may help you find an urn that reminds you of your loved one.


If purchasing an urn online is the best option for you, we invite you to explore our beautiful variety of cremation urns.

Cremation urn for human ashes prices in Seattle

Funeral Home:

The cost of an adult cremation urn at a funeral home typically ranges from $300 to $1500 or more.


When shopping on sites like Amazon, the price range for an adult cremation urn is typically between $80 to $200 and varies depending on the material used to make the urn.

At Infinite Cherish, our cremation urns range in price from $120 to $170. We take pride in handcrafting each urn with a unique design and using only top-quality materials.

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