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What size cremation urn I should buy

How do I know what size cremation urn should I buy?

Choosing the right urn size for a loved one can be a challenging task, particularly at a time of grief. Nevertheless, it is a significant step in honoring and memorializing the life of the deceased. This article aims to guide you through the process of choosing the correct urn size, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Understanding the Basics of urn for ashes sizes

The standard calculation used in the industry is that one pound of the person’s body weight will yield approximately one cubic inch of ash after the cremation process. Therefore, if you know the body weight of the deceased person before cremation, you can estimate the volume of ashes, and hence, the size of the urn you should buy. For instance, if the deceased weighed 150 pounds, you would need an urn that is approximately 150 cubic inches or larger.

Types of cremation urns

It’s important to understand that urns come in various sizes and types. The different types of urns you might consider include:

  • Keepsake or Mini Urns: These smaller urns are designed to hold a limited amount of ashes, typically up to 50 cubic inches. They’re ideal if the ashes are divided among family members or if a portion is kept after scattering.
  • Child Urns or Pet Urns: These are smaller than adult urns, with a capacity that can vary greatly based on the age and size of the child or a pet – 50-100 cubic inches
  • Meduim Urns: These are still smaller than adult urns and they range between 100-180 cubic inches
  • Standard or Adult Urns: These typically have a capacity of 180-220 cubic inches, designed to hold the ashes of an average-sized adult.
  • Extra Large Urns: Also known as companion or double urns, these have a capacity of 300-400 cubic inches and are meant to accommodate the ashes of two people.

Need extra room for the ashes in the urn

When choosing an urn, it is a good idea to select one that’s slightly larger than the minimum requirement to ensure there is enough room. Remember, the calculated size is only an estimate, and in certain cases, the actual volume of the ashes might exceed the estimation.

Consider the Intended use of the urn

If you plan to scatter the ashes and keep the urn as a memento, a smaller urn may be adequate. If you intend to inter the urn in a columbarium, you should check the niche size at the facility to make sure the urn will fit.

Personalization and aesthetics

While the primary purpose of the urn is to securely hold the ashes, it is also a way of honoring your loved one. Therefore, consider an urn that reflects their style, personality, or passions. 

In conclusion, selecting the right urn size requires considering the weight of the deceased, the type of urn, any extra room you may need, and the intended use of the urn. Keep in mind that this is a personal decision that may also be influenced by your loved one’s preferences and lifestyle. 

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