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Where do i store the Cremation Ashes after the memorial ceremony

The Grieving Process and the Importance of Memorializing Loved Ones

Coping with the loss of a loved one is an emotionally challenging journey. An important part of this process is finding the most suitable way to honor their memory, and determining the appropriate place for their cremated remains. Cremation offers not only an economical alternative to traditional burial but also provides numerous options for commemorating your loved one’s life. With cremains, a variety of containers and ceremonies can be chosen based on personal preference. Some individuals may opt for scattering a portion of the ashes in a significant and picturesque setting, while others may decide to inter the ashes or place them in an urn for display at home.

Cremation Jewelry and Memorial Products: Keeping Memories Close

Choosing cremation as a means of saying farewell allows us to incorporate our loved one’s ashes into unique jewelry or memorial items, ensuring that their presence remains a part of our everyday lives. The way we decide to preserve and cherish the ashes can hold profound meaning, aiding in the healing process and serving as a constant reminder of the impact our loved one had on our lives.

Various Methods for Storing and Preserving Cremated Remains

Deciding where to place the ashes of a loved one is a personal and often difficult decision, requiring careful consideration and reflection. It is important to discuss with family and friends how best to commemorate and say your final goodbyes to your loved one.

Cremation Bags: The Initial Storage

When you receive cremated ashes, they are typically placed in a plastic bag within a container. You may choose to keep the cremains in the provided bag or transfer them to a different container. It is crucial to keep the cremains in a plastic bag to prevent spills in case of accidents. Alternatively, you can place the bag into a personalized, embroidered cremation urn bag.

Choosing the Right Cremation Urn

There is a wide variety of urns available for storing cremated ashes, catering to various life stages or the preference for sharing ashes with close family members. Keepsake urns, which are smaller in size, are ideal for dividing ashes among family members, allowing each person to keep a portion of the loved one’s cremains close.
When dividing ashes, it is important to continue using plastic bags to prevent spills and ensure that no cremains are lost during the process.


Personalized Cremation Jewelry

Cremation offers the option to store a small portion of your loved one’s ashes in specially designed jewelry. This allows you to carry their memory with you and share it with others who are grieving. Cremation jewelry filling kits can assist in transferring the ashes.
Although not all cremains will fit in jewelry, the remaining ashes can still be used for scattering ceremonies or filling a larger, decorative urn.

Considerations for scattering ashes include:

How and where to scatter the ashes
Who to contact prior to the ceremony
Temporary storage options, such as scattering urns
Adhering to laws and regulations, ensuring a safe distance from public areas

Environmentally Friendly Options: Biodegradable Urns

Burying ashes, either on land or at sea, is another popular practice. Laws and regulations for scattering ashes often apply to burials, so it is essential to consult with local authorities. Biodegradable urns, which break down and disperse ashes into the soil or water, are popular choices for green burials.
These suggestions for storing and memorializing cremated ashes represent some of the more traditional approaches. However, there are many unique and personal ways to honor the memory of a loved one, ensuring a heartfelt and meaningful commemoration.

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